Why a Tire is Classified as Blemished

Tires are cured in molds at high pressure and temperature. After the tires are removed from the molds the tires are carefully inspected and if any imperfection, no matter how insignificant, is found by the inspector that tire will be classified as a blem. The imperfection can only be cosmetic in that if a flaw in the tire is found to be other than cosmetic the tire must be scrapped. Tires manufactured for highway service are DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. When a tire is classified as a blem it is still DOT certified and the reason for the blem classification cannot be anything that would cause the tire to lose its DOT certification and be unsafe for use. Blem tires carry the same warrantee as non-blem tires; the only exception is the cosmetic imperfection that brought about the blem classification. On many tires that have been classified as a blem the cosmetic condition that caused the blem classification is so minor it cannot found by someone not fully trained in this area of tire inspection.