Warranty Information

Interco Tire Corporation Limited Light Truck Warranty Claim Procedure

Interco Tire Corporation specialty light truck tires come with a 5-year from manufactured date, limited warranty. Most all specialty light truck tire companies/brands offer a similar warranty and claim procedure.

Interco Tire Corporation’s Limited Light Truck Tire Warranty, like the warranty of most all other light truck tire brands, require that you take your tire back to the dealer from which it was originally purchased to initiate all warranty claims. The original dealer will inspect the tire and then determine if the issue you are concerned with was a manufacturing issue or not. 

If the original dealer determines that there is a manufacturing issue with your tire, the dealer should then offer you an adjustment credit based on several criteria including the age of the tire (determined by manufactured date, not purchase date) and the amount of life left in the tire. The adjustment credit given should be applied to the purchase of a new Interco tire or tires and/ or in accordance with your dealer's policies. At that point, you are taken care of. The dealer will contact us via their chain of purchase (through their distributor or directly) to work out their reimbursement.

Interco Tire Corporation’s Light truck tires are sold primarily through independent dealers who purchase our products through a distributor. In some instances, there is the possibility that your original dealer may not be available to, willing or able to help you with your issue. If that turns out to be the case, you may call our warranty department and we will try to collaborate with you and the original dealer who sold you our LT tires. In these instances, we may be able to help you directly with your claim. However, the process is a little more time consuming and you will have to collaborate with us to make this to see what, if anything, can be done. Due to the fact that we cannot physically inspect the tire and the issues you are concerned with:

  • We will need you to take several photos including (but not limited to):
  1. the tire in question
  2. the issue(s) you are having
  3. the DOT code of the tire in question
  4. the other tires on your vehicle and pictures of the other tires on your vehicle
  5. the tread depth left on the tire you are having issues with
  • A copy of your original purchase receipt as well
  1. Out of Round tires
  2. Leaking Tires (We will need to see soap suds bubbling)
  3. Any Other Issue That Can Not Be Discerned Via A Static Photo

 Please email the above needed items to: INFO_2412@INTERCOTIRE.COM




We may need more photos than this, so be prepared. You are our eyes in the field. We will need to ask you some questions before we can proceed as well. We will also need a copy of your original purchase receipt. Having this information and pictures handy when you contact us will help speed up the process.

If we determine that there is a manufacturing issue, we will offer you adjustment credit for the tire based on its age, life left in it and the price at which we sold it to the dealer for – not the retail price you paid for it. We will then offer to sell you a new tire at a fair price less the adjustment offered. If we sell you a new tire, we will require the old tire be sent to us. You will be responsible for freight charges. You must pay for mounting, balancing, and any other additional charges, such as taxes or the acceptance of a higher priced replacement tire

If you have any questions once you have spoken to your dealer, please give us a call at 800-299-8000 and ask to speak to our Warranty manager.

Thank you for working with us.