Warranty Information

Interco Light Truck Tire Warranty: A Simplified Guide

Interco offers a 5-year warranty on their light truck (LT) tires, but claims must go through your original dealer first. Here's a breakdown to get you rolling:

Step 1: Visit Your Original Dealer

They'll inspect the tire and determine if the issue is a manufacturing defect. If it is, you'll receive an adjustment credit based on the tire's age and tread life remaining.

Step 2: Dealer Unavailable? Contact Interco Directly

Call their Warranty Department at 800-299-8000.

Be Prepared to Submit Electronically: (Speeds up the process!)

  • Photos of the tire, issue, DOT code, other vehicle tires, and tread depth.
  • Videos for specific issues (out-of-round, leaks).
  • Copy of your original purchase receipt.

Email all documents to: INFO_2412@INTERCOTIRE.COM

What Interco Offers (if they determine a manufacturing defect):

  • Adjustment credit for the tire's value (not retail price).
  • Discounted price on a new tire (minus the credit).
  • You'll be responsible for freight, mounting, balancing, and other fees.

Additional Notes:

  • Keep your original purchase receipt.
  • Competition compound tires have no warranty.
  • Non-DOT equipment may void the warranty.
  • Having all the required information upfront speeds up the process.

ATV/UTV Tires: Follow the same steps as the Light Truck Tire Warranty. They have a 2-year warranty.