Tough Tires - IROK Testimony

Our Motto is "Tough Tires for Tough Trucks"... here is one testimony to remember

I thought we would send you some pics of a buddy's truck and his 39.5 Iroks.  Main reason is cause what happened to one of them.  On what was supposed to be a quick trip he folded his tire into a pretzel as can be seen by the pics.  He loves these tires and was so upset thinking it was destroyed.  Being in Fairbanks, Alaska it isn't easy or cheap to replace one.  His truck sat overnight in subzero temps on the tire the way it was in the ditch.  We got him winched out and he had to drive about 20 feet on it to get to a spot to change it to the spare. We couldn't do anything with the tire.  We took it to a local tire shop, Tire Distribution Services, in Fairbanks.  $18 later the tire was remounted on the rim and was fine.   The owner of TDS has been doing this a long time and he had never seen a tire in this shape, and was absolutely amazed when the tire had no damage to it.  A year later that same tire is still on my buddy's truck, and we go wheeling in it as often as we can.  Keep making the best tires on the planet, and we'll keep buying them - we are Interco believers for life.

Mel W – Fairbanks, AK