Tire Maintenance

The things you can do to assure getting the long life built into the Super Swamper TSL tires are:

1. Keep your truck in good mechanical condition and do not run with worn out shocks.

2. Maintain the proper air pressure for your driving and load conditions. Check the air pressure once a month with a GOOD accurate air gauge. Two things support the weight of a vehicle...the volume of air and....the airs pressure. With big tires the large volume of air in the tire will SUPPORT the vehicle but the tire will not be stable...the tire will look OK but when running on the highway at high speed it will wiggle and squirm which the tire is not designed for and it will not deliver near the mileage it could with the proper inflation pressure. This is not important when running off road because you don't have the speed plus the ground is softer than the tire but when you get back on the highway you should bring the pressure back up again to whatever pressure you have determined is best for the loads carried and your driving habits. Big tires will almost always LOOK like they have enough air when actually they may not for highway driving. So don't just kick your tires...check them. If you want to see what we mean try letting the air pressure down to 12 pounds or so...you probably won't be able to notice anything abnormal unless yours is a very heavy truck...but the tire, at 12 PSI is seriously under inflated for highway service.

3. Rotate the tires front to back and back to front about every four to six thousand miles...do not criss-cross...keep the tires on the same side of the vehicle. This practice will help to even out the uneven wear that often shows up on the front tires' outer lugs from hard cornering or a lot of in-town driving.