IROK - Radial

The Interco IROK is the direct result of many years of research and development by the off-road tire guru’s at Interco Tire.  Interco IROKs feature scooped lugs, blade and molded siping, special side-wall features, extra tough cord and cut resistant compounds, and have a distinctive, directional tread pattern that incorporates the legendary Interco patented Three Stage Lug (TSL) design.  IROKS delivers traction that’s as good as it can get in snow, mud, and on the rocks . 


Interco IROKs are D.O.T. approved tires and come in both bias ply and radial versions.  IROKs offer, an on road ride that is extremely smooth, and deliver lower than expected road noise for a tire this aggressive.  IROKs are both stylish and function.  IROKs are available in close to 50 combined various size combinations, including four (4) non-D.O.T. approved,  off-road and competition use only “Stickies” sizes.

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