Skidsteer ND

This is a non-directional tire for skidsteer applications. Our Industrial tires are made to the highest quality standards. We offer a variety of sizes and styles for all types of Equipment.

Rim Diameter: 16.5

SKU Size Section Width Weight Tire Tread Depth Tread Ply Rating O.D.
GRSS-94 10-16.5 (TL) 10.7 57 lb 26/32 12 30.60
GRSS-96 12-16.5 (TL) 13.1 88 lb 26/32 14 33.40

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the listed specifications. Interco Tire Corporation cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies and as such this information should be considered as approximate.  As much as we would like to help, we cannot and will not give advice on fitting our tires to any particular vehicle.  Ride height changes due to age and use does not allow for steadfast rules.  Your local retailer may be able to help by inspecting your vehicle first hand.  Tread and side wall patterns may vary by tire size.