M&H Radial Racing

M&H Racemaster Radial Drag tires are a DOT approved tubeless tire; made with a compound that is designed to work well 'with high performance street cars. M&H Racemaster Radial Drag tires are available in many sizes to fit everything from stock street cars to tubbed drag cars, and offers great traction on the street and the track. M&H Racemaster Radial Drag tires are also available for late model performance cars with large brakes (such as Cobra, Corvette, Camaro, Challenger), with sizes to fit 15, 16, 17 and 18-inch wheels with sizes compatible with rear or front applications.

 M&H Racemaster Radial Drag tires and can be used as a good, lightweight front runner street legal drag tire.  M&H Racemaster radial front runners feature an aggressive tread pattern.  Front runners are just as important as the rear tires, so M&H Racemaster has spent countless hours perfecting its design to provide a safe tire with the least amount of weight and rolling resistance. M&H Racemaster radial front runner tires are perfect for muscle cars, or any modern high performance street car. M&H Racemaster Radial Drag tires are made in the USA for drag racing and street car applications.

Rim Diameter:

SKU Size Section Width Tire Tread Width O.D. D.O.T. Approved
ROD-02 185/75R15 6.7 5 26.00 Yes
ROD-07 390/45R15 14.8 13 29.50 Yes
ROD-09 390/40R17 14.3 13 29.50 Yes
ROD-11 185/55R17 6.6 5 26.00 Yes
ROD-12 185/50R18 6.5 5 26.00 Yes
ROD-16 275/60R15 10.6 9 28.00 Yes
ROD-17 325/50R15 12.3 10 28.00 Yes
ROD-18 275/55R16 10.9 10 28.00 Yes
ROD-19 275/50R17 10.1 9 28.00 Yes
ROD-20 325/45R17 12.1 10 28.00 Yes
ROD-21 275/45R18 9.8 9 28.00 Yes
ROD-22 325/40R18 11.3 10 28.00 Yes
ROD-23 345/35R18 13.3 12 28.00 Yes

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the listed specifications. Interco Tire Corporation cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies and as such this information should be considered as approximate.  As much as we would like to help, we cannot and will not give advice on fitting our tires to any particular vehicle.  Ride height changes due to age and use does not allow for steadfast rules.  Your local retailer may be able to help by inspecting your vehicle first hand.  Tread and side wall patterns may vary by tire size.