M&H Muscle Car Drag

Conquer the Strip & Own the Street: M&H Racemaster Muscle Car Drag Tires

Gear up for stellar drag performance without sacrificing streetability with M&H Racemaster Muscle Car Drag Tires! These DOT-approved tires are designed specifically for classic muscle cars, offering legendary M&H traction and performance to dominate the strip and rule the streets.

Unleash the Power of Your Muscle Car

  • Dominate the Track: M&H Racemaster Muscle Car Drag Tires feature a refined medium compound that delivers exceptional grip for launching off the line and powering down the track.
  • Classic Muscle Car Fit: Engineered to seamlessly match the dimensions of your classic muscle car's stock tires, maintaining that perfect look while enhancing performance.
  • Legendary M&H Traction - Street Legal: Experience the legendary M&H drag racing heritage with a D.O.T. certified wrinkle wall design that provides superior traction on the street.
  • Made in the USA: M&H Racemaster has been a trusted name in drag racing since the 1950s, and their commitment to quality continues with these American-made performance tires.

Find Your Perfect Fit

M&H Racemaster Muscle Car Drag Tires come in a variety of tread configurations to match your specific muscle car and driving needs. Browse the selection to find the perfect fit and take your classic muscle car's performance to the next level.

Own the Drag Strip. Rule the Streets. Choose M&H Racemaster Muscle Car Drag Tires.

Rim Diameter:

SKU Size Section Width Rim Width Circumference Tire Tread Width O.D. D.O.T. Approved
MSS-001 P275/60-15 11.7 9 88.5 10 28.20 Yes
MSS-002 P235/60-14 9.8 6.5 78.4 8 25.00 Yes
MSS-003 G60/15 10.3 7 82.3 8 26.20 Yes
MSS-004 J60/15 10.7 7 85.4 8 27.20 Yes
MSS-005 P275/50-15 11.6 9 82.3 10 26.20 Yes
MSS-006 N50/15 12.8 10 88.5 11 28.20 Yes
MSS-007 P305/40-16 11.9 10 81.6 10 26.00 Yes
MSS-008 P235/60-15 9.8 6.5 80 8 25.40 Yes
MSS-009 33x18-15LT 19 14 104 15 33.00 Yes
MSS-010 30x18-15LT 18 14 94 15 30.00 Yes
MSS-011 29x17-15LT 17 13 91 13 29.00 Yes
MSS-012 P205/60-13 8.8 6 71.6 7 22.80 Yes
MSS-013 33/15.50-16LT 16 12 104 12 33.00 Yes
MSS-016 P215/65-15 8.4 6 81.6 6 26.00 Yes

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the listed specifications. Interco Tire Corporation cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies and as such this information should be considered as approximate.  As much as we would like to help, we cannot and will not give advice on fitting our tires to any particular vehicle.  Ride height changes due to age and use does not allow for steadfast rules.  Your local retailer may be able to help by inspecting your vehicle first hand.  Tread and side wall patterns may vary by tire size. 

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