M&H Cheater Slick

Conquer the Strip with M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks!

Get that "just enough" tread to race legally on the street and dominate at the track with M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks.

Street Legal Performance for Drag Racers

  • DOT-approved: Run 'em on the street and rip down the strip without switching tires.
  • HB11 Compound: M&H's legendary sticky compound delivers maximum traction for insane launches and lightning-fast ETs.
  • Fits Most Wheels: Available in a wide range of sizes to fit stock wells, tubbed cars, and even late-model performance cars with big brakes. (Think Corvettes and other muscle machines!)

Built for the Track, Ready for the Street (Sort Of)

  • Bias-ply construction: Lightweight and responsive, just like a true racing slick, for that winning edge.
  • Wrinkle wall design: Provides exceptional sidewall flex for improved weight transfer and better hookup off the line.
  • Tube required: Remember, these are special order tires and require tubes for street use.

M&H Racemaster: Drag Racing Legacy, American Muscle

M&H Racemaster has been a drag racing pioneer since the 1950s, crafting high-performance tires to take you to victory lane.

Get M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks and unleash the beast on the street and strip!

Search online for "M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks" or visit your local performance racing shop.

M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks are a DOT approved, special order, wrinkle wall, tube type tire designed for dry pavement racing only, and utilize M&H Racemaster’s proprietary “sticky” HB11 compound which is perfect for street/strip cars! 

M&H Racemaster engineered the first purpose built drag racing tire the 1950s, and still makes highly competitive tires for multiple drag racing and street applications – all of which are made in USA!

Rim Diameter:

SKU Size Section Width Rim Width Circumference Tire Tread Width O.D. D.O.T. Approved
MHD 01 26/10.5-15LT 10.5 8 81.8 9 26.00 Yes
MHD 02 26/11.5-15LT 12.3 10 82 10 26.00 Yes
MHD 03 26/11.5-16LT 11.8 10 82 10 26.00 Yes
MHD 04 28/12.5-15LT 12.5 10 88 10 28.00 Yes
MHD 05 28/12.5-16LT 12.4 10 88 11 28.00 Yes
MHD 07 28/14.0-15LT 13.3 10 88 11 28.00 Yes
MHD 08 28/13.5-16LT 13.4 11 88 12 28.00 Yes
MHD 09 28/14.5-15LT 14.1 11 88.4 12 28.20 Yes
MHD 11 30/14.0-16LT 14 10 94 11 30.00 Yes
MHD 12 30/14.5-15LT 14.7 11 94.2 12 30.00 Yes
MHD 13 30/14.5-16LT 14.5 11 94.2 12 30.20 Yes
MHD-10 30/14.0-15LT 14 10 94 11 30.00 Yes

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the listed specifications. Interco Tire Corporation cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies and as such this information should be considered as approximate.  As much as we would like to help, we cannot and will not give advice on fitting our tires to any particular vehicle.  Ride height changes due to age and use does not allow for steadfast rules.  Your local retailer may be able to help by inspecting your vehicle first hand.  Tread and side wall patterns may vary by tire size. 

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