Sonya and Chris Asche


Interco Faithful Family

Sonya Altop grew up the Daddy’s Girl of a Gear Head.  She was the oldest of a family full of girls and found herself in the garage with her father nearly all the time. When not in the garage together they went to weekend car shows…  In the industry we would say She grew up immersed in the culture.”  

When Sonya started to drive, she was drawn to the same type of people she was surrounded by her entire life.  That lead her to start building own vehicles.  Then she met Chris Ache.  Chris, who is a wheeler and motocross rider, built vehicles for his friends in his spare time – just for the fun it. 

After they started dating the two started building cars together. When it was time to get a more family-oriented they did what a lot of automotive enthusiasts do… They got a mini-van.  Nah, we’re just kidding… they ditched the sports cars and found themselves a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – a JKU.  What do two “culture kids” do when they get a JKU – they build it out. Why? Because bad ass Jeeps are built, not bought.  “When it came time to put some rubber on our ride, there was only one company we wanted to go with.  The one company whose legendary performance, style and quality we had grown up hearing about, and whose reputation proceeded itself… We wanted one of Interco Tire Corporation’s Super Swamper Tires.” Says Sonya.   They chose the M16, and their first 4WD Build has been racking up show wins and social media love ever since.

Their kids, who are now old enough to drive, have followed in their parent’s footsteps and have started building their own rigs.  The only thing they all have in common – they all use Interco Products.