Interco TrXus M/T - Off Road Review


After running 12000 miles on our Interco TrXus MT tires we have definitely formed some opinions of them. While this isn’t the on road review I did want to touch on the road noise as an update. They are still rolling as quiet as the day we levered them onto the rims. That’s a testament to proper tread design and acoustic chambering of the lugs to minimize road hum. Serious technology for a serious tire.

Rocks and Dirt


The side pattern on the TrXus is reminiscent of a big bore rifle. They alternate the size and when aired down the tire contact patch expands and they become part of the main tread. So despite the thinner profile you get the same tractive ability as a wider tire with built in carcass flex. This allows the tire to form over obstacles and offer a soft bump soaking ride while delivering exceptional traction.

You can see the big bore rifle pattern.
You can see the big bore rifle pattern.

In all of the runs we have done off road, on trails, and over rough terrain the TrXus performs better on non-mud than it does in its native environment. They have such a soft compound and can grab the terrain so well they would be my go to even if I never drove in mud.


Might as well dig right in because this is a mud terrain tire after all. Air them down, roll through the mud, and go find something else to play in or on. I have gotten stuck with these tires but that’s the mud life. You go in a deep enough hole and you can’t get out without help. Both times I was looking to get as deep in the mud as the possible and really push them to the limit. The first time I buried them I wasn’t aired down either further reducing their normal effectiveness. Check out the video at the end of this article to see tires in action.  You can see at about the 1:34 mark I bury the axles in the mud and have to work my way out. Simply backing up and moving forward while oscillating the front wheels back and forth create the clearance I needed to get out of the ruts and redirect. Everything you would want out of a mud terrain tire.

The Wrap

The soft compound does move around at low speeds and gives a squishy feel on pavement. It is not a bad or unmanageable situation but you notice it. I would take that softer compound – over worrying about the bit of lug movement – for the better traction you get.

The final verdict however is all positive. We would buy these tires again, recommend them to any driver who does serious off road time. Like many MT tires they are on the aggressive side but we would venture that even someone who is just into styling and having a good looking Jeep could appreciate using them every day. Most of our 12,000 miles is road trips and daily commuting.