Interco Super Swamper Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Right Interco Super Swamper Tire For Your 4×4?

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John Cappa

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The Interco Super Swamper tire product line includes some of the most aggressive and recognizable street-legal mud tires ever offered. The company is well known for its legendary Three Stage Lug (TSL) tread pattern, which helps increase traction off-road and reduce noise on-road. What you may not know is that many of these ultra-knobby tires can really perform in other off-road terrains besides mud. There are 22 different Super Swamper tire models to choose from. We’ll walk you through some of the advantages of the more popular Swamper treads, plus offer some tips to help you chose which Super Swamper is right for your 4×4 and how to make the most traction with that tire.

02 Jeep Wrangler YJ Super Swamper TSL Rocks

Super Swamper TSL

The Super Swamper TSL is the quintessential bias-ply mud tire. It’s offered in an extremely wide range of popular diameters for 14-, 15-, 16-, 16.5- and 17-inch wheels. As with nearly all Super Swamper tires, larger tire diameters feature bigger tread lugs, some of which are the size of your fist when you get into the 40-inch and up sizes.

03 Super Swamper TSL Mud Terrain Tire

With a vast number of available sizes in the most popular off-road friendly wheel diameters, the Super Swamper TSL has been an industry staple for decades. The huge tread lugs can just as easily move over dirt, rock and sand as they can churn through mud.

The Super Swamper TSL is obviously a successful tire in the mud, but its durable bias-ply sidewall and chunky tread makes it a solid choice for jagged rocky trails and sand too. Tire pressure is key. In lighter vehicle applications you will find that tire pressures in the single digits work best off-road. This is true with all bias-ply tires like the TSL.

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04 1985 M1008 CUCV GM Squarebody Military Surplus Truck Super Swamper Bogger

Super Swamper Bogger

The average person is usually surprised to learn that the bias-ply Super Swamper Bogger is a DOT compliant street legal tire. It has become an off-road legend, although many Boggers have been worn down on street-only show trucks because the tires simply look really cool. The directional scoop-like tread lugs are reminiscent of a paddle tire, making the Bogger an extreme mud tire favorite. Forward movement in the deep slop is generally unrivaled. Many mud racing classes run exclusively on unmodified and modified versions of the Super Swamper Bogger. The luggy cupped tread is also popular in the rocks. Each giant lug acts like a hand hold on whatever edge the tread hits.

05 Super Swamper Bogger Mud Terrain Tire

The Bogger is probably the most recognized Super Swamper tread pattern; and could be the most recognizable tread pattern ever. It’s designed to propel 4x4s through deep mud, but its unique tread design makes it a real performer on sharp jagged rocks when aired down to the single digits.

The downside of the Bogger tread pattern is diminished lateral traction. Slippery side hills can be more difficult to attack, although tire pressures in the single digits can help the edges of the massive lugs dig in to keep a 4×4 from sliding sideways.

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06 Super Swamper LTB Mud Terrain Tire

The Super Swamper LTB is more aggressive than the standard TSL. The inner tread lugs feature more biting edges and the outer tread lugs are pushed out further so they can claw and grab for whatever traction is available.

Super Swamper LTB

If you like the traditional TSL lug pattern, but want an even more extreme version, the Super Swamper LTB bias-ply tire is the rolling stock for you. The LTB utilizes the same Three Stage Lug design as the famous Super Swamper TSL, however the large LTB outer lugs are offset more to the outside, which provides increased traction in rough or sloppy terrain. You’ll also find more biting edges on the chevron-shaped center lugs. The LTB can be had in tire diameters from 31 up to 47 inches.

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07 1973 Jeep J20 FSJ Super Swamper Irok

Super Swamper Irok

The Super Swamper Irok is a directional bias-ply tire which has a combination of tread features that help the tire perform in almost any terrain including rocks, mud and snow. The large Irok tread lugs resemble the LTB lugs, but they are scooped like the directional Bogger lugs, offering improved traction. The tires also feature blade and molded siping, sidewall tread, extra tough cords and cut-resistant rubber compounds. Irok tires were designed to be the Swiss army knife of Super Swamper tires, providing traction on whatever surface you put in front of them.

08 Super Swamper Irok Mud Terrain Tire

Consider the Irok the Swiss Army knife of the Super Swamper tire lineup. The many key tread features help the tire grab ahold of rocks, snow, dirt and mud. Irok scooped outer lugs really move material and hook onto ledges.

The Irok is available in close to 50 size combinations, including four off-road and competition-only sticky tread compound sizes. For those that spend a lot of time on the street, a radial version of the Irok is also available.

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09 Jeep Willys Flatfender MB GPW CJ3A Super Swamper SX

Super Swamper TSL SX

If you’re considering the Super Swamper TSL SX, then you are looking for one of the most bombproof tires on the planet. Many SX tire users don’t bother carrying a spare tire and rarely ever need to fix a flat with a plug kit. The Super Swamper TSL SX is designed for extremely tough off-road conditions where maximum sidewall strength and protection is needed to withstand the severe scuffing from running in ruts and snagging roots and rocks.

10 Super Swamper SX Mud Terrain Tire

The Super Swamper SX is considered to be one of the toughest tires on the planet. If you have rough trails littered with jagged rocks and sharp branches, the SX is the tire for you. The bias-ply carcass and extensive sidewall tread lugs fend off all but the most extreme sidewall attacks.

The tire features a bias-ply body with dual belts under the tread along with wrap around lugs, which not only protect the sidewall but also provide additional traction when climbing out of ruts. Super Swamper TSL SX tires are available in more than 29 sizes, including three off-road and competition-only sticky tread compound sizes.

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11 Super Swamper SXII Mud Terrain Tire

Additional tread features make the Super Swamper SXII a more refined version of the bombproof SX tire. The siping and tread grooves provide more biting edges and help the SXII envelop trail obstacles, increasing traction on nearly all surfaces.

Super Swamper TSL SXII

The Super Swamper TSL SXII bias-ply tire expands on the bombproof success of the TSL SX by adding some new tread features to increase traction. The second generation TSL SX features grooves across the lugs and increased siping. The grooves help the tire carcass flex over rough surfaces and the sipes offer better grip in wet, icy and other on- and off-road conditions. The Super Swamper TSL SXII tires are street legal and available in a variety of popular sizes with new sizes being developed, so check back regularly if you don’t see the size you need.

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17 Ford Bronco Super Swamper Bogger
12 Super Swamper SSR Mud Terrain Tire

The Super Swamper SSR has been a favorite for rock crawlers that also venture into the deep snow. The radial tire carcass is more flexible and offers improved street manners over a traditional bias-ply tire.

Super Swamper SSR

The Super Swamper SSR is one of the most aggressive radial mud tires ever offered. The radial construction provides more street-friendly characteristics than a traditional bias-ply tire, making the SSR a popular tire for road-driven 4x4s that venture into rocks in the summer and deep snow in the winter. The compliant radial carcass helps with floatation on soft terrain when properly aired down, while the siping in the center lugs provides more traction in wet and icy conditions. The unique sidewall tread offers extra sidewall protection. Super Swamper SSR tires are available in more than 40 sizes, including many of the OEM and OEM plus-sizes for Jeeps, SUVs and 4×4 light trucks. These tire sizes make the SSR popular for owners who do not want to lift their vehicles, but still want ultimate traction.

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13 Super Swamper TrXus MT Mud Terrain Tire

The Super Swamper radial TrXus M/T is one of the quietest and most road friendly mud-terrain tires in the Super Swamper tire line. However, don’t let its mild manners fool you. It still features thick durable sidewalls, a chip and cut resistant tread compound along with massive amounts of siping for extra traction in wet, icy and snowy conditions.

Super Swamper TrXus M/T

The TrXus M/T radial is one of Super Swamper’s most road-friendly mud-terrain tires. If you want a smooth and quiet ride on the highway, but don’t want to give up tire durability, the TrXus M/T might be the tire for you. The TrXus M/T has tough, thick sidewalls and a chip and cut resistant tread compound. The tread lugs have more siping than what’s found on any other mud-terrain tire on the market, which translates to improved traction in wet, snowy and icy conditions, where most mud-terrain tires don’t perform well. The extra siping also helps the tire grip smooth, slick rock faces. The TrXus M/T is available in many different diameters up to 38.5 inches for 15- to 22-inch wheels. An off-road and competition only sticky tread compound 37×12.50R17 TrXus M/T is also available.

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18 Jeep FC Forward Control Super Swamper Bogger
14 Super Swamper Sniper MT Mud Terrain Tire

Large diameter wheel lovers will enjoy the Super Swamper Sniper M/T. It comes in many popular sizes for 20-, 22- and 24-inch wheels. The hybrid tread pattern and radial carcass make the Sniper M/T one of smoothest riding Super Swamper tires.

Super Swamper Sniper M/T

Fans of 20-, 22- and 24-inch wheels can enjoy Super Swampers in the form of the Sniper M/T. The Sniper M/T is designed to be a fusion of radial mud-terrain and all-terrain tire technology, making it an off-road tire with street manners. The tires feature siped outer lugs for improved traction in wet conditions and snow, while aggressive sidewall lugs aid in traction when traversing the deep stuff. Sniper M/T tires incorporate the Three Stage Lug design concept, which creates self-cleaning voids and suction release. Sniper M/T tires utilize a directional tread pattern with tightly packed center tread blocks for improved on-road handling and noise dampening control.

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15 Super Swamper SS M16 Mud Terrain Tire

Consider the Super Swamper SS-M16 a hybrid tire that bridges the gap between an all-terrain and an extreme mud-terrain tire. The radial Super Swamper SS-M16 is available in many popular diameters for 15- to 24-inch wheels.

Super Swamper SS-M16

The Super Swamper SS-M16 was developed to be a tire for all seasons. Many design features were taken from the best performing Super Swamper all-terrain and mud-terrain tires and put into the SS-M16. The SS-M16 radial carcass makes the tire more highway friendly and relatively quiet for such an aggressive tread. Consider it a hybrid tire that bridges the gap between an all-terrain and extreme off-road tires. The Super Swamper SS-M16 is available in many popular sizes for 15- to 24-inch wheels.

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19 GM Squarebody Chevy 4x4 Truck Moab Super Swamper Irok
16 Super Swamper VorTrac All Terrain Tire

Highway commutes, rain, snow, ice and more are all in the Super Swamper VorTrac all-terrain tire vocabulary. The mild all-terrain tread is well supported for stable on-road handling and long life. It’s available in all of the most popular aftermarket sizes for wheels up to 22 inches in diameter.

Super Swamper VorTrac

Super Swamper took all of the features that make a great all-terrain tire and engineered them into the VorTrac all-terrain. This radial all-terrain tire has a tight tread pattern that is well supported toward the base, which provides on-road stability and long tread life. All of the siping in the tread makes the VorTrac a solid tire choice for 4x4s that venture into wet weather, snow and icy conditions. The tread design also incorporates features that prevent stone retention. The Super Swamper VorTrac all-terrain tire is available in most popular aftermarket sizes including larger diameters for 20- and 22-inch wheels.

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