The INTERCO Cobalt M/T Mud Terrain Tire

In late spring 2017 INTERCO Tire launched the Cobalt M/T, the newest addition to the already largest selection of specialty light truck tires on the planet.  The INTERCO Cobalt M/T might take some styling clues from a popular tire of the past, but that is as far as it goes. The Cobalt M/T is all new from the ground up and built using state of the art technology and produced in all new segmented molds. 

INTERCO’s Cobalt M/T was developed using today’s newest technology and incorporates many features one would expect to find in a modern mud terrain tire.  The Cobalt M/T’s Aggressive styling, radial construction, longer tread life compound, noise reducing design features and an MSRP that make it one of the most competitively priced aggressive, radial mud-terrains on the market will surely have the off-road truck and jeep crowd excited about this new offering for years to come. 

Since 1997 most all trucks that have rolled out of Detroit have come standard with 17” or larger wheels, as have all Jeeps produced since 2007.  In order to gauge market response, the initial test size offered in the Cobalt M/Ts was a 35.x 12.50 tire available for vehicles with 17”, 18”, 20” and 22” wheels. A larger 37x14.50 version will be offered sometime in the fall of 2017, with undetermined wheel sizes comparable to the 35s.  Interco will evaluate the markets response and develop a complete line of the Cobalt tires in sizes based on market feedback. Plans for a 38x15.50 and 17/40 are already on the development board, and rumor has it that most all sizes of the Cobalt M/Ts will be available for 15”, 16.5”, 17”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” wheels, but no ETA on when this stage will be complete has been released, but sometiume in 2021 seems to be the year, with 31x10.50, 33x10.50 and 33x12.50 versions following close behind.

The Cobalt M/T exhibits the same of off-road performance similar to that of the legendary tire it takes it’s styling from.  The Cobalt M/T incorporates scooped side lugs that give the tire a more squared off look, but also reduced road noise that is a concern with large, aggressive lugged tires. Lug height is a modest 24/32 or ¾”.  This is shorter than what most people would expect from this lug pattern, but it matches the height of pretty much all other radial mud terrains on the market.  The lugs may be a tad shorter than historically noted, but the additional siping that follow the lug over the shoulder allows the tire to handle better than ever on wet and icy terrain, while the over-all performance of these tires is utterly amazing.  Mud – check. Sand – check. Rocks - check.  Snow - check. Slush - check. Asphalt - check.  The Interco Cobalt M/T mud terrain tire is truly an all-terrain mud terrain.

The years of design and testing put into the Coblat M/T has paid off, and they poised to take a spot along side of the other legendary tires INTERCO already lays claim to in our garage.