The INTERCO Cobalt Ground Hawg M/T Mud Terrain Tire

In late spring 2017 INTERCO Tire launched the COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/T, a welcomed additon to the largest selection of specialty light truck tires on the planet.  

INTERCO’s COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/T was developed using today’s newest technology and incorporates many features one would expect to find in a modern mud terrain tire.  The COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/T’s Aggressive styling, radial construction, longer tread life compound, noise reducing design features is one of the most competitively priced aggressive, radial mud-terrains on the market. As more sizes for both the “small wheel” and “big wheel crowds” are released into the market place, the new school and old school 4WD truck, off-road and jeep crowds will be excited about this new line for years to come. 

Since 1997 most trucks have rolled out of Detroit on 17” or larger wheels, as have all Jeeps produced since 2014. In order to gauge market response, the initial test size offered in the COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/Ts was a 35.x 12.50 tire available for vehicles with 17”, 18”, 20” and 22” wheels. A larger 37x14.50 version was released shortly afterwards and are available for 18”, 20’, 22” and 24” wheels.  More sizes were planned to follow, including the ever popular 38.5x15.00R15, however COVID 19 slowed the world down, and with it the development and launch of this new size tire, also available for 16.5” and 17” wheel diameters.  However, in 2022 Interco made good on this promise and the 38.5x15.00R15 was dropped.  As the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic the 16.5” and 17” wheel option models will not be available until the second quarter of 2023.  However, along with those two models the highly anticipated  17/40 COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/Ts for 15”, 16.5” and 17” wheel diameters is slated to be launched at the same time, or shortly after.  All models of the COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/T released to date are being evaluated for more wheel diameter options to be added to the line as well. The initial 35 and 37 OD models were introduced with an average modern M/T Tire tread depth of 21/32, however the 38.5 and 17/40 models all have a deeper 28/32 tread depth, giving them the desired aggression expected from this legendary tire.

The COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/T exhibits the same off-road performance expected while incorporating a scooped side lug shoulder that give the tire reduced noise and weight that is a concern with large, aggressive lugged tires. The new iteration of COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/T includes additional siping over its original predecessor, that follows the tread lug over the shoulder, which allows the tire to handle better than ever on wet and icy terrain.  The overall performance of this reimagined design is utterly amazing in mud, sand, rocks, snow, slush it is also a champion on the road as well.  It is one of the smoothest riding tires ever released by Interco.  It is the go to tire for those looking for a great off-road tire for most moderate terrains and those who are also looking for an aggressively styled M/T that has passenger car like manners on the road and mileage capabilities to match.   

The years of design and testing put into the COBALT GROUNDHAWG M/T have paid off.  This tire is , and poised to take a spot next to the other legendary tires INTERCO already lays claim to in our garage.