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Caster, Camber and Toe

Poor camber and caster alignment can cause your vehicle to "pull", and can cause tire tread to wear unevenly. Toe in won't cause your vehicle to pull, but it can cause extremely fast tire tread wear. This is why your vehicle can pull and not wear out tires, or it can drive perfectly straight and destroy them in a hurry!  Regular alignment, rotation and running the proper air pressure are essential elements in getting the most tread life out of your tires.

How To Measure an ATV Tire

How To Measure an ATV Tire
by Jake Stone

Using The Chalk Method for Determining PSI

Using The Chalk Method for Determining PSI - NOTE. This article is posted for reference only.  You should always consult with your local tire installation professional(s) when you have questions about your tires.


Whenever larger-than-stock tires are installed on a truck, it will have a direct effect on the truck's performance. Why? It has to do with the effective gear ratio. Your truck comes from the factory with the optimum axle gear ratio to work with the truck's engine, transmission, and stock tire combination as well as provide a good balance between acceleration and fuel economy. When taller tires are installed on a truck but the axle ratios stay the same; the effective gear ratio is reduced. This means the engine is forced to operate below its power band, and performance and fuel economy suffer as a result. In order to restore the effective gear ratio (and the truck's performance), you'll need to have the axle gears swapped to lower (numerically higher) ratios.