Gotham City Land Cruisers

The Gotham City Land Cruisers was founded in January of 1999 by a small group of Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiasts in the New York City area. Since that time we have established ourselves as a major chapter in the Toyota Land Cruiser Association with a roster of over 40 members. We have an active email list with over 400 members as well as an online forum. We hold a yearly meeting to discuss club activities, plan the upcoming season’s events, hold officer elections, and eat until our eyes roll back in our heads.

We’re a food club with a Land Cruiser problem.

Our members have covered the globe from Brazil to the island of Cyprus to the island of Manhattan, with the majority hailing from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Within our group we have computer consultants, programmers, web masters, every type of engineer, professional photographers, armed forces personnel, musicians, chefs, artists, police officers, NASA scientists, and more.

We all share what some say is an obsession for our particular brand of four wheel drive vehicle, and the desire to see them perform in the setting for which they were designed. We adhere strictly to the guidelines of Tread Lightly in all our outdoor activities and events, and as most of us are parents, we make a point of stressing safety and environmental conservation at all times.

It is important to note that although we are Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiasts, we do not and will not exclude others from club membership, activities, meetings, and events.

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