Balancing Pads

Balancing Pads

Some tire factories utilize balancing pads (also known as balancing patches) that are placed on the inside wall of some larger tires to help “pre-balance” them before they are released for use.  Lead-free balance pads provide a "green" option for balancing a tire from the inside. In special tire service applications such as aircraft tires or large off-road 4 X 4 tires, traditional clip-on wheel weights may not be enough to correct an out-of-balance situation or may become dislodged. Balance pads represent a highly viable alternative option for these applications. Installation is accomplished via use of a spin balancer and use the same procedures as installing a repair.

Balancing pads are precisely weighted pads with their weight stamped/printed on the face of the pad. Balancing pads are sometimes called balancing patches because they resemble a repair patch or boot. If you happen to find a balancing pad inside of your tire you will be able to distinguish it from a repair patch because the weight of the pad (in ounces or grams) will be printed on the face of the pad.

See image below for an example of a balance pad. When used by the factory balance pads are permanently bonded to the inside wall of the tire


Interco does not endorse any particular brand or manufactuer of balancing pads, and the information noted above is for informational use only. Balance pads can be purchased through most large tire repair retailers and should be installed by a tire service professional.

Balance Pads and Dough may be sourced through specialty tire supply companies, such as Meyer's Tire Supply.  A quick Google search may also yield more information on Balance Pads or Balance Patches and where they can be sourced.