Titanium-Buzz - Interco Inspired Off-Road Jewelry

Titanium-Buzz - Interco Inspired Off-Road Jewelry


NOTE: To order Officially Licensed Interco Inspired Off-Road Jewelry customed designed and crafted by Titanium-Buzz please vist their web site.

Titanium-Buzz is based in Linden, Michigan, a small town about 45 minutes northwest of Detroit, so you know they have motor oil in their veins and drink gasoline for fun… which is why they are proud to present Officially Licensed Interco Inspired Off-Road Jewelry.   For over a decade they have specialized in custom wedding rings made from some of the most durable and exciting materials in the world.

Their passion for rings began when their founder, Kevin Begola, was purchasing a ring for his wedding. He had been looking for something different and was intrigued by the possibilities he saw in titanium, a metal that was lighter, stronger, and more versatile than many other materials available at the time. Kevin's curiosity inspired him to seek out other unique designs and styles, and in 2003 he started selling titanium rings as a side project.

Kevin's eye for finding, featuring, and developing rings found a receptive audience, and his hobby quickly grew into a successful online business, Titanium-Buzz.com, that is devoted to uncommonly cool wedding rings. Titanium-Buzz has the main goal of providing a new kind of online shopping experience, one that focused on products custom made in the USA out of ultra-high quality materials with designs that weren't available at other jewelry stores, all delivered at a reasonable and affordable price -- in other words, to be the online store Kevin had always wanted to shop at.

If you are looking for a wedding band that will truly withstand the test of time check out the complete line of Officially Licensed Interco Inspired “Bogger Bands” at www.Titanium-Buzz.com.