Edde Designs Interco Inspired Off-Road Jewelry

Edde Designs Interco Inspired Off-Road Jewelry


NOTE: All order for Edde Designs Interco Inspired Off-Road Jewelry must be done through Edde Disgns and are not offered directly from Interco at this time.

For more than 20 years, Edde Designs has been creating unique jewelry pieces that are both visually dynamic and comfortable to wear, including Officially Licensed Off-Road Themed Jewelry inspired by Interco Tire Corporations iconic brand, logos and tire brands and patterns.

Much like Interco, Edde and his staff take pride in delivering nothing but perfection to their clients and customers. Edde is an award-winning designer that brings his passion and enthusiasm to every project. From original designs to complete renovations, they have you covered. All Edde designs are created using the latest 3D cad cam software and Laser sintering 3D printer technologies.

Take a look at their project gallery and experience the beauty of design for yourself by visiting their web site at: http://www.eddedesigns.com/