Lifelong Truck Nut & Interco Faithful

Allie Joubert, who is better known as Allie_GK4 to the social media world, is a bayou born and bred true “Rajun Cajun” from South Louisiana.  Growing up literally miles away from the Interco Tire Corporation global headquarters she has been around lifted trucks and 4WDs her entire life.  She and her longtime fiancé own a mega show truck simply known as Zeus, that they collectively take to numerous truck and car shows across the country every year.

Growing up in the lifted lifestyle, and immersing herself in the culture, it was Allie’s destiny to become a known fixture in the lifted truck universe where she is rapidly becoming a high-profile persona.  With a large social media following, a love of lifted trucks and a killer body she was a natural fit to tap as Interco’s first Branded Apparel Ambassador.  Look for Allie G at a show near you, she’ll be the long legged, blond standing next to an Interco Tire equipped rig, wearing Interco Tread Threadz© apparel.  You can also find out what she up to, and see the newest Interco Tread Threadz© Apparel by following her on social media.