Brian Bergeron Designs -Tire Rings® and Pendants

Brian Bergeron Designs -Tire Rings® and Pendants


NOTE: All orders for Officially Licensed Interco Inspired Brian Bergeron Designs -Tire Rings® and Pendants must be ordered through Brian Bergeron Designs.  

Brian Bergeron started making jewelry in1990, as a high school student in Main. Upon graduation, Brian furthered his passion for jewelry and metalsmithing by enrolling in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of American Craftsman where he worked under the tutelage of RIT’s Leonard Urso. After graduating from RIT, Briand worked in manufacturing as a designer, product developer, and production silversmith making products for very high end retailers.  Brian holds the honor of helping produce both a Kentucky Derby and MLB Home Run Derby Trophy.

Brian Bergeron Designs was started in 2002 with development and creation of Tire Rings®. Tire Rings® are Brian’s signature line of rings and bands that incorporate the use of tire tread patterns to form the “ring” base and were the first of a series of high quality thematic jewelry. Since then, Tire Rings® have been purchased in sold in all 50 US states and in 12 other countries. Tire Rings® are design for and worn by both men and women of all walks who are automotive and riding enthusiasts, including a Grammy Award winning artist and tire manufacturing and designer.

Brian was the first to license the Interco Tire Corporations brands and designs and incorporate them into his enthusiast inspired Tire Rings® and other jewelry.  Interco is proud to be associated with such an outstanding artesian and truly feel that his creations embody the same passion and dedication to quality that our tires do.

If you are looking for a unique, and truly wonderful item that demonstrates your passion for the off-road, or the passion for off-roading of that special someone in your life, then there is no better item than Officially Licensed Interco Tire Rings® and jewelry from Brian Bergeron Designs.

Visit's Brians Web Site where you can browse his entire collection.