The 2019 Gambler 500 Navigation Adventure Rally.

The 2019 Gambler 500 Navigation Adventure Rally. June 28-30 (21+) | 1430 Bear Flat Rd, Chemult, OR

Welcome to the evolution of the original Gambler 500 and Gamblertown 2019.  As always we continue to grow and learn what works and what makes this so fun, there will be more facilities onsite, more designated waypoints plus you can just come for day and camp offsite if you do not want to deal with dust and intensity of camp same $40  for the greatest adventure of the year sorry no cash at door.  Years 1-4 we did not allow trailers and last year we figured out why, with limited space campers and trailers will need to be parked a mile offsite if you choose #trailer500.  As always it will be the worlds best car show, 12 bands on two stages, minibike trail run staging, RC car racing, tacos and as always the greatest group of people you'll ever meet.

This pass is admittance for one person to the festival basecamp of "GAMBLERTOWN" for the period of three days if you choose (not required as we recommend camping Friday night in smaller groups along the way to Chemult), redeem at gate for wristband and official 2019 participant sticker for car (camp opens 10am Friday closes 10am Sunday so you can continue your journeys).  Yes support rigs are welcome, yes you and your friends can come in your capable late model rigs, have fun and help people out.  We love fun crazy cars regardless of value, we hate rules don't make us make more.  We love everybody, hate litterbugs, leave your egos behind and no late night hill climb events on the pumice pits, keep off-road shenanigans at OHV areas.  Safety is a primary concern and everyone's duty to keep each other safe.

1.  This is not a race.

2.  There is no $500 rule, cheaper cars win Scepter so no way to cheat with $$$

3.  We are the world's largest and competitive trail cleanup, bring trash bags.

4.  You are responsible for your actions, same legal standards apply as any other day.

5.  Don't be a dick.

Camp is rustic, dusty and post apocalyptic, there will be places to park if you choose to camp elsewhere and just come to hang out with fellow gamblers.  We will be emailing list of resources and sites prior to event.

Remember the goal is to reach any of the destinations using as little pavement as possible "pavement is lava" drive safe as you be sharing and interacting with thousands of other gambler cars.  The best challenge is navigating stock 2WD cars over backroads that trucks and SUVs wouldn't have a problem with but you'll find plenty of challenges for built rigs along the way.   The route options will be emailed to your registered email address, posted to website and on social media June 15th.  There will be multiple options to accommodate the amount of people, avoid congestion, clean up public lands and promote rad adventures.  

Options are as follow:

1.  Old school rolling start from World of Speed Friday and Saturday mornings 7am-12pm just south of Portland to Conversion Brewing in Lebanon where you'll get waypoints leading over the mountains through Bend into Gamblertown.

2.  Old School rolling start Friday and Saturday mornings 7am-12pm from the South starting at Discover Klamath building in Klamath Falls where you'll get waypoints leading North to Gamblertown.

3.  The Newberry Country Trail will be sent out in a GPX file with 10 options for destinations reachable from camp.

4.  The Devil's Starfish waypoints will be posted to EmWest's Facebook and Instagram a week before the event.

Use OHV options for technical off-road shenanigan fun make sure your vehicle or minibike has an OHV permit if you plan to utilize OHV property PURCHASE online HERE

To end any confusion this and the upcoming Fambler (Gambler for families) are the only events we organize officially but we've always encouraged people to start  events across the country as long as they follow our original model of low-key fun to do it like we did the first 3 years.  It's been amazing watching the movement grow, we are continuing to adapt and celebrate Gambler culture by making the original now the National meetup where gamblers from across the world meetup or can participate for the very first time.

We will have a coupon code for 30 days free on an optional Navigation app used to host GPX files.  We will have updates for our "free still beta version" "UNPVD" for iOS devices if you wish to compete in the UnPaved challenge to compete who can take the most non paved surfaces possible.

For stickers and swag prior to event visit the new yellow colors will be available soon.  You are encouraged to be self sufficient, bring your own food and drinks but there will be many more restrooms and food vendors this year. 

Please visit for fire prevention tips but you are required by law to carry a fire extinguisher on public land.

As always we are stewards of the envirnoment and the communities we pass through.  We have huge dumpsters onsite as we host the largest trail cleanup in the world during the event, please snap a pic of the debris you collect along your journey and post pics to Instagram tagging @thegambler500 and @sonsofsmokey along with hashtag #sonsofsmokey and we will be selecting winners for most debris, biggest debris, shooting pit cleanup and more.  Please include a fire extinguisher, first aid, food, water, tools plus all essentials for overland travel.  


The Competition:  

1.  The Scepter:  This award has been handed down year after year to the team that most embodies the Gambler spirit.  The cheapest car, the coolest people, helpful on trail etc.

2.  Stewardship:  Every gambler picks up litter and trail trash along the way, if we’re going to have fun we’re gonna help.  Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @thegambler500 @sonsofsmokey #sonsofsmokey and we’ll be selecting 5 teams to receive awards from our sponsors.

3.  UnPaved:  Racing is expensive and illegal on public roads.  We created an app for iOS (sorry Droid doesn’t support our mapping software, complain to them not us!) that runs in the background of your device using GPS and measures your percentage of unpaved surfaces used during the event.  We will list the results after the event.  Go to 

4.  Record your route on smartphone or GPS snapshot and tag us, we will be selecting the 5 best route paths to receive prizes from Heatwave Visual, KC HiLiTes and more on Saturday night.

5.  The Gambler Car Show by TRAXXAS RC is back again for 2019 we will be selecting a winner for each category Craziest Build, Most RC Car like and Best Overland/SIRCH&RASCUE rig will all receive a TRAXXAS RC car.

Now that your sold, and can't wait to register your ride you'll need to CLICK HERE and go register on The Official Gambler 500 Registration Page.  Well? What are you waiting for?